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Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident, but preliminary reports indicate the trailer truck had invaded the wrong lane.BEIJING, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- "Beyond the Horizon," a play written by Nobel laureate Eugene O'Neill, will be presented by the Beijing People's Art Theater at the Experimental Theater on Nov. 6."The initiative is of great significance to strengthening regional connectivity, combating global challenges, maintaining world security and stability, and promoting common growth and prosperity," he said.The two officials also discussed issues related to Syria and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), read the statement.



  • Peruvian Minister of Transport and Communications, Bruno Giuffra, said passenger buses would be barred from that stretch of highway starting Wednesday, and instructed to use the alternate route.
  • Power generated by the farm, which will be built near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory (NT), will be exported to Singapore via a 3,800-km High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable.
  • According to official statistics, the per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents in Sichuan was only 6,903 yuan (970.7 U.S. dollars) in 2015, and rose to 9,652 yuan in 2018, an increase of 39.8 percent.
  • Goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu kept Nantes' hope of tying the match alive with a brilliant save on Mbappe's sweep from Dani Alves's right-flank cross with five minutes to go, but Diego Carlos' dismissal after receiving his second yellow card signaled few chances for the hosts.
  • China, in cooperation with relevant countries, has accelerated the building of Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, China-Laos railway, Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway and Hungary-Serbia railway, and upgraded Gwadar and Piraeus ports, Xi said in a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.Full Story



  "Lanterns have been passed down for centuries because people like them. In today's industrial society, traditional and handmade stuff with local features are getting more popular. With the right idea and social management, hope for the craftsmen of tomorrow will never fade away," Jing said.11月20日,中共中央政治局常委、国务院总理李克强主持召开部分地方政府负责人视频座谈会,分析经济形势,部署推动经济社会发展工作。李克强指出,加强政府资金引导,鼓励社会投资参与,扩大有效投资。Therefore, restoration of giant panda habitat was an important part of post-quake ecological reconstruction.


-- When and where did the rainbow dinosaur live?
As the song "3-lions" effectively the hymn of the England side says, "all those 'oh-so-nears' bring you down in the end," but judging by the English front pages, this team has earned the respect and affection of both fans and press.Being computer illiterate, Zhu revised the novel by hand five times before finalizing the draft. His second daughter, who has received a college education, typed up the novel and uploaded to the Internet, drawing heated discussion online.
Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next >>|The Military World Games are a multi-sports event for military personnel organized by the CISM. This year all competitions took place in a single city for the first time in history. Nearly 10,000 soldiers from 109 countries and regions competed for 329 gold medals from October 18th to 27th.
Gong's Symphony No. 10, or "Peking Fantasy", translates the emotional and philosophical experience of the Peking Opera for international audiences. It is scored for a large orchestra of over 100 players and incorporates numerous styles to capture different emotions and atmospheres.
"What really made it so unpopular (then) were the abuses committed, unbridled, unfettered. I will simply not allow it," Duterte said, adding that he will not allow oppression under his term.
It also asks for the crackdown on formalism and bureaucratism, and the elimination of the pernicious influence of Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, former CMC vice chairmen.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NextThe suspect meat went to Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal and Slovakia, Niemczuk announced after a local television report revealed sick cows being slaughtered and sold.


  • Putin signed a presidential decree earlier this month awarding Li with the honor for his contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between the two countries as well as his fruitful work on the convergence and mutual enrichment of their cultures.
  • KABUL, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Harsh poverty and rising unemployment have spread across Afghanistan as the prolonged conflicts and fighting in the country, as well as drought and a decline in agribusiness, added to the miseries of the war-weary Afghans.
  • "As we mark the 40th anniversary of official diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China, we look forward to continuing to forge meaningful connections between our cultures and communities through music," said Tarnopolsky.
  • "We see a lot of variation in the timing and the success of breeding, but ... the breeding success has been much lower than in previous years," the ABC news channel quoted Cannell as saying on Sunday.
  • The main characters of the play will be starred by newcomers of the theater, which, in the eyes of the play director Wang Ban, will better fit character design but bring more challenges.Regarding Ukraine, Niinisto said he understands "something practical is being done". Niinisto said he will be visiting Ukraine in September and said he can support the ongoing efforts.Three Filipinos and a South Korean who worked in a water project site in western Libya were abducted on July 6 by unknown armed men. The kidnappers released a video footage of the four men confirming their names and nationalities, and appealing to their presidents for help.
  • She also suggested the government to subsidize farmers to use degradable plastic films to protect the environment.Bringing back fugitives from other countries showed China's determination to crack down on corruption, Bringas said.
  • People visit the photo exhibition "My Pakistan" in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, on Aug. 14, 2018. The photo exhibition was organized to celebrate the 71st anniversary of Pakistan's independence. (Xinhua/Ahmad Kamal)




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      Putin worked as chairman of the Committee for International Relations at the St. Petersburg City Hall since June 1991, and concurrently as deputy mayor of the city since 1994.

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      七星彩豹子什么看WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has had a phone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, reaffirming U.S. stance on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and Venezuela, the State Department said on Wednesday.

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    The New Year celebration is an annual event organized by Greater Philadelphia Chinese School of Union (GPCSU) since 2012.

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    七星彩豹子什么看Actress Kelly Preston poses during a photocall for the film "Gotti" at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France, on May 15, 2018. The 71st Cannes International Film Festival is held from May 8 to May 19. (Xinhua/Luo Huanhuan)

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    Hundreds of angry protesters staged anti-government demonstrations. They blocked main roads, paralyzing daily life in Aden and its neighboring cities.

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    七星彩豹子什么看Poverty-stricken villagers start their new lives in the resettlement site for poverty relief relocation in S China's Guangxi.

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    U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin warned Thursday that his country would levy more sanctions on the troubled Turkish economy if Ankara does not soon release pastor Brunson who is on house arrest in western Turkey.

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