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Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>|Launching the reform and opening-up in 1978, China is now striving to turn itself into a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious by the time it celebrates its centenary in 2049.At the same time, however, the export sector remained strong and the national debt was mostly unchanged, assuaging the concerns of investors fearing ambitious government spending plans would swell the government deficit.In November 2018, Buhari launched his re-election campaign with a new slogan: "Next Level 2019", in which he put jobs, infrastructure and the business environment ahead of security and fighting corruption.



  • Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov confirmed Tuesday that Bolton will visit Russia on Oct. 21-23, saying that Bolton is scheduled to meet Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to discuss "the whole complex of relations, which are in a deplorable state."
  • The wide array of political identities has also created a wide array of political parties. In last year's general election, seven parties earned representation in parliament. No fewer than 16 parties earned at least 100,000 votes nationally, and a dozen more appeared on ballots in at least half of Italy's 20 regions. That means governments often include support from a patchwork of political groups. In some cases, the departure of just one or two can bring a government down.
  • "In both instances - the fuel economy rollbacks and now the Clean Power Plan rollback - the administration's actions will hurt consumers' pocketbooks while driving up emissions," he said Thursday.
  • The bank said it also spearheaded the importation of improved cottonseed, adding that 6,000 metric tonnes were imported while additional 2,000 metric tonnes of cotton seeds were sourced locally.
  • The traffic was basically the same as last year, according to the Ministry of Transport.



  "Brexit only has negative consequences for all sides involved, a classical lose-lose-situation. An orderly Brexit is the best of all available options," McAllister said. "We didn't ask for this divorce, now let's make the best of it."Firemen take part in a fire drill held at the Beijing Daxing International Airport in Beijing, capital of China, July 9, 2019. The newly-built Beijing Daxing International Airport held its first fire drill on Tuesday. (Xinhua/Meng Jing)"We will have to think about China as a new kind of partner where we are trying to deliver some of the things we currently get from the EU (European Union) and America, from a partner that hasn't traditionally been in that sort of role," said Kerry Brown, a professor of Chinese studies and director of the Lau China Institute at King's College London.


The fire, the biggest in nearly nine years, has further hurt rural communities with some stock losses, essential access to water restricted, feed destroyed and infrastructure damaged, the minister said.
For the past five years, Italian Federica Mogherini has been the commissioner for foreign affairs and vice-president of the commission.Haggag believes that the ongoing political instability in Ethiopia is likely to delay the pace of negotiations regarding the dam.
"Multilateralism is in the Europe's DNA. By being united and working together, we make ourselves individually and collectively stronger," said Juncker in a message to the summit.Besides working on political and security issues, the two should also come up with new economic practices for win-win results, he added.
Spanning 588 meters between the two main towers, the double-decker cable-stayed bridge has eight lanes for cars on the upper deck and four rail tracks on the lower deck.
Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said: "While it is welcome to see the Tories acknowledging the epidemic of violence that has risen on their watch, by cutting 21,000 officers since 2010 they have completely undermined the ability of the police to enforce any new powers."
It leaves PM May with a lot of persuading to do to salvage any hope of an acceptable compromise with Brussels.
The move came after gunmen attacked two mosques in the country's second largest city Christchurch and five guns were discovered, two of which are semi-automatic guns. Other weapons and firearms were also retrieved by the police.The Bank of Italy's data will not be included in the report on economic growth be released April 29 by the country's National Statistics Institute, or ISTAT, but the two figures usually move in step with each other.


  • Ibrahim Kalin, Turkey's presidential spokesman, said on Friday that Ankara's primary aim at the summit would be to see what new solutions could be formulated based on the understanding that a political solution rather than a military one should be sought in Syria.
  • "The underlying performance of the economy was relatively weak but off its recent lows with the GDP rate in the three months to February at 0.3 percent, compared with the preceding three months," Archer added.
  • The department issued expedition permits to the mountains ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 plus meters including the world's highest peak Mount Qomolangma, and several other highest peaks like Manaslu, Makalu, Lhotse and Dhaulagiri.
  • Both parties are skeptical about the euro currency, centralized decision-making, European Union fiscal rules, and the bloc's policies on refugees.
  • Tensions between the White House and Democrats came to a head Wednesday after a meeting on infrastructure fell apart, calling into question whether the two sides will be able to pass a 2-trillion-U.S.-dollar infrastructure improvement package.The PKK has a substantial presence in northern Iraq, including in the mountainous Qandil region along the Turkish and Iranian borders and also in Sincar region. Its fighters, which number in thousands, are engaged in a decades-long insurgency against the government of Turkey.by Mohamed al-Azaki
  • Netanyahu said Sunday at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting that in recent months the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have transferred to Syria advanced weaponry in order to attack Israel.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>|
  • The heightened concerns over trade developments "may have contributed to the drop in business confidence in some recent surveys and may be starting to show through to incoming data," Powell noted.




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      Besides 841 government-run labs, there are 339 private labs. The per day tests are demonstrating a steep upward trend, even as over 282,500 samples are tested every day. As on date, the test per million (TPM) for the country stands at 8,193, according to the federal health ministry.

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      加州赛车能作弊吗Rejecting a truce before Christmas, transport workers on Tuesday staged the 20th day of strike, reducing trains and metro frequencies and stranded millions of French people who used to travel to spend the holiday with their families.

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    Cesare Imbriani, a political economist with Rome's La Sapienza University, said the central obstacle between Italy and the European Commission is much more political than economic.

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    加州赛车能作弊吗The U.S. top diplomat's tour covered Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. Palladino said Pompeo will look to visit Kuwait at an agreeable time in the near future.

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    The GRMDS helps researchers and data scientists worldwide to excel in a new era of big data and cognitive computing. More than 32,000 users worldwide have joined an online forum of the GRMDS to discuss research methodology, data science and innovations.

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    加州赛车能作弊吗"The administration's new coal plant proposal will increase emissions and increase public health impacts...and the proposal could even increase costs under some scenarios," Nurnberger told Xinhua on Thursday.

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    "Whoever hurts us, we will hurt them. The enemies who threaten us with destruction should know that they will encounter an iron wall," said Netanyahu at a ceremony marking 70 years of the founding of Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

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    加州赛车能作弊吗Recently, China issued a set of zodiac stamps to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dog.

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      Bucci, who also serves as bridge reconstruction commissioner, chose the Salini Impregilo bid over that of Italy's Cimolai, who specialize in metal bridges and other infrastructure, with a design from Spanish starchitect Santiago Calatrava.